Deutsch-irische Schülergruppe wird im Rathaus empfangen

In diesem Monat feiert der Schüleraustausch des Riemenschneider-Gymnasiums mit unserer irischen Partnerschule Coláiste Chraobh Abhann in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow, sein 10-jähriges Jubiläum. Zur Feier dieses Anlasses lud Frau Bürgermeisterin Schäfer-Blake die Schüler des Riemenschneider-Gymnasiums zu einem feierlichen Empfang in den Ratssaal. Im Rahmen des 20-jährigen Jubiläums der Städtepartnerschaft mit Bray, Co. Wicklow, war ebenfalls eine Delegation aus Irland eingeladen. Zusammen dem 1. Vorsitzenden der Deutsch-Irischen Gesellschaft Herrn Fleckenstein überreichten wir unseren Gästen aus Irland ein Luftbild von Würzburg sowie einen Bildband von Deutschland als Zeichen der Freundschaft. Alle am Austausch beteiligten Schüler erhielten ein Jubiläums- T-shirt.

Das untenstehende Bild zeigt (von links nach rechts) OStRin Krenzer (Initiatorin des Schüleraustausches mit Irland, OStRin Haaf, OStR Barthel (Betreuer des diesjährigen Austausches), die irische Lehrkraft Frau Eegan, Frau Schäfer-Blake, die irische Lehrkraft Herrn Kennedy und unseren Schulleiter Herrn OStD Gerlach.


Zwei Schülerinnen, Lea Herzog und Hannah Baumann, haben folgenden Text über den diesjährigen Irland-Austausch und ihre Erfahrungen verfasst:

Ireland –beautiful Green Island

After a long journey and a five hours stay at the airport we finally arrived in Ireland. On the way from Dublin airport to our exchange school “Coláiste Chraobh Abhann” in Kilcoole, we had a first view of the scenery of the Island: sheep on the green fields, cars on the wrong side of the road and the sun. During our first evening with the host families, we had a chance to get to know the friendly, happy and open Irish folks.

The next day, after the typical assembly in the morning and visiting the huge, modern school with lots of strange subjects like Woodwork, Cooking and Dress Designing, we went on the beautiful Cliff Walk from Greystone to Bray.

Back in Kilcoole we all went to the beach and some Irish students really went swimming in the sea, although it was “only” about 15°C which is the best you can get in Ireland all year. So we were lucky to enjoy Ireland without the famous rainy weather.

We also enjoyed the trip to Dublin by a train which runs next to the sea. It was interesting to learn about the capital of Ireland that on the one side of the city there are big, modern companies like “Google” and on the other side there are beautiful, older buildings for example “Trinity College”.

We spent the weekend in our host families, but the exchange students planned some activities together with all the members of the group, for example enjoying the sun and going shopping.

The whole stay was awesome and everything was pretty well planned by the school and our exchange students. Unluckily, the bowling center the teachers wanted to go to with us, was closed although we had a reservation, so went for Pizza.

We definitely loved the trip to this beautiful, green Island with nice people. The sun and the sea made us feel like being on holidays and we had a great chance to improve our English.