Day 5

On Sunday we stayed with our host familys and later all students met up to have a nice evening together.

Day 6

On Monday morning we visited Wicklow Gaol. It used to be a prision which was used in the late eighteenth century. First a scary guard guided us through the jail and explained to us how horrible it was to be in prision in those times. He showed us torture instruments and how they worked. We where allowed to tour the jail by ourselves and look into the cells. Some cells were designed like someone still lived there. After the visit we went to Wicklow habour, where our teachers were exited to show us Sammy, the seal. Then we went back to the bus and drove to Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains. Glendalough is one of the most famous monastic sites in Ireland. Some of us went hiking and others just enjoyed the sun and the beautiful scenery. After the trip we went back home to our exchange students, where we had time to ourselves. In the evenig we all met at Amy’s, one oft the Irish exchange students, and had barbecue there. After a funny evening, we went to bed early to catch our morning flight back to Germany.