Dia duit!
My name is Ricky and I’m 12 years old. Since I was born me and my parents have lived in Greystones, because the sea is so beautiful there. I love to swim with my friends, we do it the whole day. Last Thursday it was different:
I was in the harbor like every morning. When I suddenly heard some loud voices, I looked upwards and got afraid. My parents had told me about the “annual big noise” but I couldn’t believe that I finally saw it myself: A large group of people stood directly above me and admired my home, the sea. I could understand some of them, they spoke my language. The others only made funny noises, I didn’t understand what they said. Did they talk about me? I had never seen them before. Hold on! Some of them seemed familiar to me. I actually had seen them here before. The class walked along a path that runs along the cliffs. All of them were very fascinated by the view and took pictures all the time. But what’s so special about the sea? Maybe they were not from Ireland. That would explain why they were so enthusiastic about my home. After some time I got out of breath, but the people didn’t seem to mind the long distance. Easy for them because they didn’t have to fight against the waves like me! Where did they want to go? I looked around and realized that Bray was very close. Good choice of them! Even though the beach promenade is really stunning, I don’t go there often with my parents. It’s such a beautiful place! When they arrived at Bray, I saw them split up into groups. They went to grab some food, to walk around, to explore the region and to sit down at the beach. It looked like they had a really good time there. Like I said, the landscape in Ireland is so wonderful! I had so much fun watching them. I remember seeing them for about three hours in Bray, until the last person disappeared. Then I was a little shocked, because I had forgotten the time. So I swam home as fast as I could. I really hoped mom and dad had left some fish for me! They did, and while I was having dinner, I told them my story. Hopefully I’ll see them again next year! I’m so excited!
Slán Ricky




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